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 This kind of scares me

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This kind of scares me Empty
PostSubject: This kind of scares me   This kind of scares me Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 4:14 am

The other night on the news I was watching something pretty disturbing.

They say that it is as small as a grain of rice and it's a microchip that they inject into you body with all of you personal information.
That doesn't sit right with me. Then on top of that me and a guy I work with were discussing it and he said he would send me a link for a video that had more information on the topic.

the Video mentioned that in the future the chips may become mandatory...

After watching that, I now know that I REALLY do not like it.

On top of that it said that they want to merge the America with Canada and Mexico making us one whole and our currency would change and it will go by another name.

The whole idea of that kind of scares me. It sounds like a disaster waiting to just explode.

And having a microchip floating around in my body makes me feel exposed. Uncomfortable and personally I think big brother has enough control as it is. But that is just my personal opinion.

I am hoping that all of this is just one big rumor. Although I saw the Chips on TV myself so the rest of the information I received almost sounds believable.

you can watch it for yourself if you would like.

The thing that kind of scares me, is how much it reminds me of what revelations has to say. Mark of the beast and end times.
Even if the micro chip was not the mark.

Would you let them place it inside you?

The video talks about country's coming together under one government.
I will have to look back through Revelations but I am pretty sure there is something in there that talks about that.
It's kind of sad but I do not want to believe that we are living in end times but it almost feels that way with the way the world is going.

I would really like it if you watch the video and give your feed back on the topic because it is the main reason for me creating this forum.
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This kind of scares me
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